About Us

simon-v-squirrel-2What do you think our Simon down there on the ground is thinking about his little squirrel buddy on the tree trunk?  It was actually a standoff that lasted quite a long time in our very own backyard. We watched as Simon directed a few high pitched muted sounds at his friend up above, and the squirrel had various choice noises for his nemesis below. It did get us thinking that if Simon really could talk to us in our own language, what would he be saying? As he was sitting there as quietly as possible while trembling into a blur with excitement, we tried to channel his deepest thoughts, and they were pretty funny!

Simon ~ You’ll never get away because I’ll wait here forever!

Squirrel ~ Well, this is a problem I hadn’t anticipated.

Simon ~ There’s only one way outta here and it’s through me!

Squirrel ~ Why did I pick a tree with no branches?

When you think about it, the list of comments and phases translated from dog-speak into the printed word are endless. Each canine companion has their own personality and now you’re lucky enough to capture that thought on a customized tag for your best friend to show the world their inner most thoughts.

We love to create personalized tags that make everyone smile. If we put all of our thoughts and ideas onto tags, we’d run out of space on our website! We’ve purposely limited our offerings to some of the more popular pieces but we really do enjoy making custom, one of a kind designs just for you. We have many favorites but a more recent one is from some friends that let their canine BFF lick the dinner plates before the plates are put into the dishwasher. Their custom tag? “Team Prewash”. The only limits are those of your imagination. We hope you enjoy our tags as much as we love making them!