Our Style

Our Process

All Tags are individually hand-stamped on 14 gauge aluminum blanks. Each piece is unique and no two pieces will ever be identical. What this means is that if you like laser-lined, straight-as-an-arrow printing, perfectly centered and aligned 100% of the time, these are not the tags for you! Our Tags are best described as “quirky” and appeal to our customers as handcrafted, artisan pieces. The fonts for the stamps are a little eclectic and have an off-center vibe. We think this pretty accurately describes our dog’s inner most thoughts!


We offer three different sizes to fit your BFF. The small size is most appropriate for petite and toy breeds and has limited stamping space so please keep that in mind when ordering this size. The medium size is a little more generous with space for customizing. The largest size allows for more variations and choices. Checkout our Tag Sizes and Info link for a size comparison chart. Of course if there’s something you would like but don’t see on our website and can’t make it work with our custom large size round tag, please send a message through the Contact Us link and we’d be happy to make a totally custom piece for you and answer any questions.


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